What is YF?

YF stands is the Young Adult group of our church, CCCB made up of primarily uni students. We’ve been around for ages and although our name’s not the most creative, it’s been well known in universities all over Brissy for years.  We’re the original and the best 🙂

We are  a dynamic group of  young people who are united in our faith in Jesus Christ and we gather reguarly to read God’s word (the Bible) and grow together in our Christian lives.   We also believe in large doses of just chilling  out and having a bit of fun.  All of those things together are key ingredient to YF”ers coming back week after week.

YF traditionally caters for ABCs (Australian-Born Chinese) and migrant ‘kids’ so it’s particularly good if you’re from Oz or another western country and identify with this sub-culture. However YFers love hanging out with anyone from anywhere so everybody’s welcome!

We exist to bring people to know Jesus Christ as Lord.  This is an awesome privelege and we want all to take part in it.  So come along and check out us out.  Try it – You’ll like it!


Who: uni-age, mostly ABCs and migrant ‘kids’

What: a Christian fellowship group based around God’s Word, the Bible

When: weekly Saturday nights, 6:45pm

Where: CCCB Coopers Plains – 23 Beenleigh Rd, access and parking via Selhurst St

Why: dozens of YF ‘Graduates’ from over the years will tell you that YFers and the Bible go great together!!

Contact: Mikey or Cindy

Our YF Vision – Prayer, Proclaimation, People

Prayer – We believe that in all things we must depend on our heavenly father to work  We appeal to him through prayer to work in our ministry and believe that apart from him we can do nothing.  We value the importance of prayer greatly, and wish to see all people relating and communicating to our heaavenly father in this way.

Proclaimation – We believe that we have been given the ministry of proclaiming God’s word, that which is God breathed.  We do so in order for all people to  hear the gospel and through it’s saving power come to know Jesus Christ as Lord.  This is the core of our mission and our faith is based in the authority of God’s word, the bible.

People – At the heart of any ministry, the focus is on people.  We do everything in order that people may come to know Christ and be grown to spiritual maturity in service of him.   We seek to love people as Christ loved the church and in fellowship run the race together as a community under God.


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