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Posted in Uncategorized on March 20, 2009 by gracietai



Last Saturday some of us girls went to a women’s conference called Women of Purpose. We listened to three and a half talks by two women speakers from Sydney- Lesley Ramsay and Christine Jensen (for those that know/have heard of Peter Jensen yes this is his wife!). The talks were GREAT and I strongly encourage the girls to seriously consider about going next year:) If you want to listen to the talks that we heard you can go to this website below for FREE! Podcasts.

I was particularly reminded of just how mighty and holy our God is! And once His holiness is truly recognised it makes His love so much greater, the gospel and Word so much more precious, and your sin and unworthiness that much clearer and obvious.

Another thing that particularly struck me was that God has designed men and women EQUAL but DIFFERENT. And this greatly contrasts with the current feminism trend that exists in our world today- often feminism seeks to fight for equality as if we don’t currently possess it. But the book of Genesis teaches us that God DID create us equally but for different purposes and as a result we should cherish the differences that God created in the different sexes because this is God’s original design.

OK this is only a glimpse of the talks that we heard last Saturday so I encourage you girls to check out the podcasts and have a listen for yourself! The talks are great- very clear and to the point:)