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Not a reader?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 25, 2010 by mikeytai

Hi everyone!

Wanted to share a great resource with you all. I’ve heard numerous times this year from people that they are not ‘readers’ yet so many of us spend hours online ‘reading’ things. I guess it’s our generation wanting to have everything provided to us on computer screens these days rather than spending the time to pick up a book to read.

I’ve discovered this year that there’s a website where you can BUY christian books online, and wait for it…they are READ to you. Yes, there are audio books online that you can purchase, download and listen to.  For the lazy man (or woman but usually man), these books are usually cheaper than the hard copy, and you can listen to it on the go on your ipod or in the car. There are so many great resources there and full of rich content.  PLUS every month they give out FREE audiobook downloads. I’ve already downloaded Ministries of Mercy by Tim Keller (which i bought for about $15 in store – and now downloaded free! – i also reviewed this in a previous blog i think?), Love is a Verb by Gary Chapman, Spiritual Leadership by J Oswald Sanders as well as an interesting satirical book by Jonathan Acuff called “Stuff Christians Like” (Visit the website

Anyway, now all of you don’t really have an excuse why you’re not reading christian books to expand your learning! Even if you choose not to purchase any books, at least check in once a month to get the free book download and then you can say – “Yes, I have been going through one christian book a month – audiobook that is.”  As Rev. Ying Yee always says: “A good leader is a good reader”.

So let’s put our Bruno Mars, Neyo, and Taylor Swift songs aside for a moment and chuck on some audiobooks to listen to!

The website is – Remember to bookmark it!


world issues night

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thanks to everyone who came tonight to our world issues night.  we hope it was eye-opening!

if you have any questions or comments, please post them here.

* * * * *

for those who missed it, we had three talks about three current world issues: sustainability; poverty, drugs and prostitution; and abortion.


creation care is a massively complex subject and it’s impossible to sum it up in 7 minutes. nevertheless, we got into small groups to talk about how we could help ensure that the way we live honours and cares for the visual revelation of God. recycling and carpooling seem to be some pretty common ideas between groups.  pingaling threw up an interesting comment about our consumerist lifestyle – why do we hoard so much gadgetry and materialistic things?!

if you guys want to, the Uniting Church has a Green Church Site – check it out if you want to find out more!

poverty, prostitution and drugs

we were confronted with the reality that poverty, prostitution and drugs are REAL issues, happening even in our own backyard in brissie.  we watched the video testimony of the founder of Hope Foundation, a ministry reaching out to the hurting people of this nation.  it was a REALLY powerful story of God’s grace and redemption.


in our final talk, we were confronted with the reality of abortion.  we addressed arguments that are frequently presented by pro-choice groups.

Abort73 is an excellent resource on this topic.  Check it out if you want some further reading!

called to make a difference

it’s been a confronting night.

the easiest (and worst) thing would be to feel bad… and do nothing about it.

we have been entrusted with this knowledge and insight for a reason.  it’s not about knowing more religion and rules (don’t do this.. don’t do that…) … but may all that we do bring honour and glory of God.

i pray that we won’t be apathetic … but that we’ll seek to help bring about change in this world.