YF Camp ’10 Reflection



Clare has been with us for about a year now in YF and she has been such a huge encouragement to the YF Crew. She’s a first year uni student studying law and business? at QUT and she’s passionate about making Jesus king in her life.  She was recently baptised and she joined her first YF Camp this year in July.  She’s so keen to serve and share Jesus with people and I’ve been so encouraged by her growth and desire to learn more and grow more in the love and grace of Christ.  She is a very valuable and servant-hearted member of YF and CCCB taking up ministries in singing and ushering respectively.  Here’s what she had to say about YF Camp this year: 

“I loved YF camp because it was both a fun and a learning experience. The people who went were all really easy to talk to and get along with, and best of all were all keen to learn more about God. The main thing I took away from the camp sermons was about values, and where I value Jesus, and how that equates to how much I am prepared to give up to serve Him. It was very confronting when ‘Spoz’ (the speaker) pretty much said that if you truly valued Jesus as number one, it should be easy to give up anything to serve Him, or follow Him. It shouldn’t be hard to give offering to God’s kingdom or any other ministries God has called you to do. I’d have to say the most encouraging thing wasn’t anything that anyone said to me, but more the fact that Spoz, someone with such great knowledge about what we are to do as Christians, is just like the rest of us. He hung out with us and even played Big Two with us, but could speak to us with such wisdom from God. It’s so encouraging to see God’s work through people, especially because he is just like one of us. Of course I loved skit night, but that’s a given. I loved being a part of the camp committee and I’m a hundred percent certain I’ll be back for next year’s YF camp.”

Hopefully others too can echo Clare in being a hundred percent certain that they’ll be back again for YF Camp ’11. 

Soli Deo Gloria

(Sorry Clare that was the only photo I could find :P)


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