Proverbs Studies!

Hi YF!

We will be starting our first YF bible studies for Semester 2 on Saturday the 31st of July!!! We’ll be meeting at our usual meeting place at CCCB Coopers Plains at a new time of 6.30pm~!

What we aim to do at YF is to train you as Christians who can learn how to read and understand the Bible in a way that’s applicable to our lives today. Not only this, but to make Jesus RELEVANT to your lives. Furthermore, we meet together around the Word to fellowship through an environment of love and grace as well as encouragement and edification as we have been saved into this family and community of believers.

As you can see from the image above, the Bible studies we have chosen are published by Matthias Media and are so appropriately named “The Art of Living”.  Through these studies we’ll be taking a look at what God is speaking to us through “Wisdom Literature” in the book of Proverbs giving us the wisdom we need in living our lives.  Where else to start but by looking to God’s wisdom? The best part is we’ll be studying how true wisdom is found in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I’m excited!

Hope to see you Saturday!!!!

PS. If you’d liked to prepare for the study before you come this Saturday you can download the first study at this website address:


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