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Are you a good person?

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This year, YF has decided to participate in the Recykle event again!

For those of you who don’t know: ReCyKle is a fundraiser and a competition run by The Leprosy Mission Queensland. It is a fundraiser in that the team members involved collect donations for the Mission and it is a “Static Bike Race” competition where all the teams ride (race) one of our 14 exercise bikes to see which team can ride the most kilometres in 60 minutes. ReCyKle is open to teams from Schools, Churches, Sporting Groups and Businesses.

Each team has around 12 people, so hurry and sign up now either through the Facebook event: or emailing Ping Mao! 🙂 Even if you don’t wish to take part in the cycling itself, you can come along and support the team

For more details about Recykle, check out:

Saturday, May 29, 2010
5:00pm – 8:30pm
Aviation High (formally Hendra Secondary College) Auditorium, Widdop Street, Hendra. Near Toombul Shoppingtown, just off the Gateway Airport Exit

Video Sermon on Abortion

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Over the weekend about 20 or so YF’ers went up to Easterfest (An Australian Gospel Music Festival) and besides having good fun and fellowship up there they also spent a majority of their time setting up and selling shirts for Abort73. (  By selling shirts for Abort73 we are getting the message out to people that abortion is wrong and that so many innocent lives are being murdered every year through abortion.

The YF’ers who were unable to go up to Easterfest listened and watched this sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll about the topic of abortion.  Driscoll preaches from Luke 1:39-45 and speaks about Jesus in Mary’s womb and how from conception, life begins.  He speaks of the very real statistics out there, christian and non-christian women who forego abortions and sends a powerful message about how serious the matter is.  But don’t waste your time reading what I have to say, press play above!

I can assure you those who listened to this sermon went away that night a changed person with a clearer and convicted heart to fight against this injustice and to speak for those who don’t have a choice or a voice.

How horrifying is it to know that there are women in this world who use abortion as their method of birth control, murdering baby after baby.  But how wonderful is it to know that we have a gracious God and that we have Jesus who willingly has suffered for our sins. We are all murderers to some degree – it was our sin that nailed Jesus to the cross.

Click here to watch the video.