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YF Poll Results

Posted in Uncategorized on November 27, 2009 by mikeytai

Hi all. YF is over for the year but I think most YF’ers will agree that this year has been a challenging one, one of growth, and one of bonding. As the ‘advisor’ for the Team this year and from a personal reflection point of view, a lot has happened, we have seen a lot of new faces, and I can joyfully say that I have been so encouraged by the commitment and love to YF shown by so many of it’s members. God keeps pouring out His grace to this youth group and I can only pray that we, as God’s ambassadors (2Cor5:20), will continue to serve His grace to all those around us being a light to all the nations (Matt 5:14).  Props to the YF Team of 09 who self-sacrificially gave up their time and efforts in taking care of YF this year.  But for now I’d like to also welcome and make you all aware of the Team/Committee for 2010:

Chairman – Mikey Tai

Secretary – Cindy Ho

BPC – Richard Chee and Tim Ng

SPC – Susana Vuvan and Amanda Lee

EMP – May Chio

Music – ZhiChao Wu

Treasurer – Vivian Hui

I’d like to suggest if you could start praying for this committee for 2010 and for another blessed God-focused, Christ- centred year to come.