“Ordinary” Evangelism

I’ve been super encouraged by a chapter in the book of “Disciplines of a Godly Man” by R. Kent Hughes that was on the “discipline of witness”.

Hughes shares about Jesus’ disciple Andrew and how extraordinary this average guy is. He isn’t mentioned much in scripture, but there are records of his mission work and from what little we do know of him in scripture, we read that he was a humble, relational, and selfless disciple. (John 1:40-42 – He was the first to be called yet Peter his brother is repeatedly mentioned and a part of Jesus’ inner circle) However, we all know that nearly every city has a Church named after Saint Andrew, the Scots love him, and his influence has shaped the Christian world.

What Hughes stresses upon is that we can learn a lot from an average dude like Andrew. He labels it “Ordinary Andrew Evangelism” in which our ordinary relationships with people around us is the focus of our evangelism. He mentions a survey of Church attenders and finds that approx 1-2% came coz of a response to a visitation, 5-6% out of interest of a preacher, 2-3% were walkins, 4-5% reached from Sunday School, and a mega 75-90% through the influence of friends or relatives. How extraordinary is ordinary Andrew evangelism??

I will leave you a paragraph from his book:

“We must understand that we have a sovereign God who orders all of life, including our relationships, and that our friendships, as well as casual encounters, are not a list of social accidents. God has placed us in our particular families, neighbourhoods, and workplaces for a reason: He has put us next to people He wants us to influence for Christ. Everyone we encounter is an eternal soul of immense value whom we ought to regard with the same weight with which God regards them.”

So remember, ordinary relationships can lead to extraordinary evangelism. Invest in your relationships with people around you and pray that each one of them will come to know the Lord Christ 🙂

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