I’ve been encouraged immensely over the past year by money given to organisations such as tearfund and gfa and other missionary projects. To hear that people are buying presents for people that are actually gifts to other people who need it just shows the potential of giving and how much we can be a part of helping further God’s kingdom! Our Church CCCB raised enough money to buy a Jesus well in India through GFA earlier this year, plenty of people gave to the Walk the Extra Mile for Dalit children in India, the individual growth groups raised money to buy individual gifts in the GFA catalogue as part of offering and even the money that was raised for the Taiwan missionaries. It is such encouragement for me to see and hear how people are selflessly using their money so other’s can spread the Good News of Christ and help bring these people out of poverty and bring the Good News to them.

So let me continue to encourage you all to keep giving to these worthy causes because there are people in this world who don’t enjoy luxuries like we do, who live off much less and who are in both physical and spiritual need.

If you’d like to give or support Christian organisations that help the poor in the name of Christ, check out these websites below:


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