BLT+ Reflections

Recently the annual Brisbane Leadership Conference Plus (BLT+) was held at the Sunshine Coast.  BLT is a great movement which is aiming to train up and equip leaders in Brisbane to further God’s kingdom (More info on BLT can be found here) One of our YF Sisters and BLT+ first-timer, Bek has kindly offered to share some of her reflections on the weekend.


BLT+ was an awesome and challenging weekend away at Currumundi! It was my first BLT+ and definitely something on my mind a lot still. The speakers were Andrew Hong and Ying Yee. There were 4 talks about fueling the fire in our hearts and a ministry discussion. I would highly recommend everyone to go as it was very challenging and really puts things into perspective about how we should spend out time and where our desires should be. It was also a great opporunity to have fellowship with other christians from different churches. Heres a summary:

  1. The main thing I got from BLT+ was that we need to desire god from our hearts to seek god first above all other things (like boyfriends, money etc which will make such things seem so small) and be jealous for god’s glory. God can only truly satisfy us if we let him. This is something an area we all need to work on! Heart -> Will -> mind (what the heart desires, the will chooses and the mind justifies). We know what is right and wrong but we choose our own pleasures and neglect the heart. If we ignore the heart, we can become dry as christians, envious of non-christians, give up reading our bibles, resent serving god, give easily into temptation and our souls may even be in danger!! We need to fight for our hearts for god offers infinite joy but we are like ignorant children and half-hearted creatures who are too easily pleased by fleeting and shallow things. God is the real treasure so we shouldn’t settle for less!!!! We should also be devoted to god which is the mainspring of a godly character. Instead, our focus tends to be on developing an outward structure of a christian character instead of an inward foundation of god-centred devotion which can lead to self-righteousness and spiritual pride. We try to please god without taking time to walk with him and develop a deep, personal relationship with him.
  2. How to strengthen the heart: Emotions and affections – we need to focus on affections instead of emotions. We should read the bible to love, obey and know god and unlock our hard hearts, enlarging the affections. Therefore we should see bible reading as to fuel the fire our hearts. We should read slowly and more important, really meditate on god’s glory (like food that nourishes the inner soul) and greatness and love reading it and not see it as a chore and merely about learning new things. Let grace strengthen our hearts! The holy spirit must also make his word come alive in our hearts to produce growth so we MUST meditate in prayerful dependence upon him to do his work.
  3. Having a passion for church i hate (Ephesians 1-6): God brings enemies (different types of people) together but we are united by christ as church is built on grace where there are no conditions on who can come and be accepted or not. These problems will never go away so we need to learn to forgive rather than leave the church.
  4. The heart, and how we lead others: We should serve god whole-heartedly with full of willingness, eagerness and delight and NOT out of duty and obedience. Being involved in ministry (or several) can become tiresome, a chore, very repetitive and we can ultimately lose sight of our focus which is to glorify god in everything we do. Hence, the first role of a leader involved in ministry is to love god and grow and lead by example. Getting over involved in ministry can significantly reduce the amount of ‘quiet time’ we spend with god to grow. It is thus very important to spend time growing in our godly affections, hating sin, longing for christ and be prayerful in ministry for god in order to transform our hearts and people can really see this.
  5. Pastoring the Pastor: The pastor also has spiritual needs like us and they tend to be neglected. He can become weary as a leader – repetition, preparation, sin of people, people don’t seem they are growing, laziness and criticism. One useful example of showing our care for the pastor is to encourage him (eg. mention particular point of sermon found helpful).

Thanks for that Bek! Now for the rest of you, what did you learn from BLT+? please share your thoughts with a comment.

2 Responses to “BLT+ Reflections”

  1. thanks for sharing Bek! very encouraging reflections, and how cool to think what God will do across our churches in Brisbane as BLT+ers go home and start living out these principles. not to diminish the importance of #1-4, but #5 is especially great!

  2. joannagoanna Says:

    THANKS bek. i didn’t gooo!!! 😦 so i’m glad u had such a comprehensive summary. WELL WRITTEN!! 😀

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