Pray for Morocco

Morocco is a country located in North Africa with a population of approximately 32 million. Ironically, Morcco is not part of the African Union and has no interest in joining. Instead, it is a member of the Arab League. Its capital is Rabat, and its largest city is Casablanca

Morcco is 99.9% sunni-mulsim with a few Christian (catholic) protestants ex-patriates who reside in Rabit and Casablanca. Although freedom of religion is tolerated, anyone converted to Christianity will be punished by law and tradition. Some have been interrogated and have had their passports removed from them.Anyone seen evangelizing will face severe punishment even though it is not against any laws. In 2005, a Christian man was detained for 15 years because he was seen evangelizing.

Nevertheless, there has been steady improvement over the years. Recently the King held a conference with other muslim leaders to discuss tolerance to other religions. All bibles are allowed in Morcco except for Arabic bibles.

Morocco is not your typical Muslim country as they tolerate worship of other religions however don’t tolerate evangelism. Please pray for the Christians and muslims in Morcco.

– Pray that Christians will be able to worship freely in Morocco
– Pray that God will send missionaries out to Morocco.
– Pray that God will encourage the low % of Christians in Morcco
– Praise God that there is relgious tolerance in Morocco

Also don’t forget to pray for Pakistan. Story is here

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