YF – Models for a day

On a hot summer’s day earlier in the year,  a few privileged YF’ers were able to help our brother Baz out to build up his photo portfolio by taking part in a casual photo shoot at the Powerhouse Museum.  I promised they would be blogged because they are too good to hide away – 5 months later, i’ve rememberd about it haha.  Here’s our best group shot, which Baz tirelessly did over and over till he got the lighting just right. 🙂

If you want to enlist his services or just drop Barry a line to let him know what you think of his work, email him at skc_sochunling@hotmail.com

YF Modelling Agency

3 Responses to “YF – Models for a day”

  1. dojmikey Says:

    i dunno why u had to post this~! ‘privileged’ coz we could be vain for the afternoon?? haha

    just for the record everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes. 🙂

  2. i guess the ‘privileged’ was supposed to be me.
    As i recalled, it was the really first time i’ve came to know u guys, the YFers.
    Thanks God for giving me this chance to come to know u guys, and also thx mikey for calling the shot. Otherwise, i dun think i’ll be in YF camp and would have such good memories from u guys. =]
    Yup ! it’s absolutely true that everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes.
    Thanks YFers !

  3. privileged that we got to be a part of Baz’s work. not everyone gets to have photos taken by such a talented guy 🙂

    yeah Baz, that was the first time you met us YF’ers properly, and now you’re part of the family and we can’t imagine not having you round! Great that we can fellowship together brother.

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