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On Sunday night, YF held Camp reflections night and it was encouraging to hear different viewpoints of different people that attended camp, what they learnt and the highlights for them.

This is a short testimony from one of our newest YF members (Beck’s) on her experience at YF Camp 2009 (Hope in a hopeless world) which she wanted to share with you all šŸ™‚

It was my first yf camp and was definitely a camp to remember and reflect upon. I thoroughly enjoyed all the events that were on at camp and it was pretty much the highlight of my holidays. In particular, the talks by Peter Ko really made me question and think about why we are really on earth, what our purpose is and also challenged our common preconcieved ideas most of us had about God, eternity, creation etc. For example, it is not just about going to heaven for eternity and evangelising non-christians but ultimately about being a blessing/showing God’s love/etc to everyone and in everything we do in our daily lives. I also really enjoyed the time we had doing bible studies with my awesome group, V. Although we did have many fun moments, we really did learn many things which i hope we can all remember and apply to our daily lives. The thing that really hit hard was that some people who were so deeply passionate about God had fallen away and based on statistics, over 50% of us would be in that situation in the future. Hence, it is really important that we keep eachother accountable, share our struggles/burdens, keep growing together and pray that we’ll stay strong no matter what comes our way. The camp also gave me the opportunity to get to know and bond with the other people better (especially the girls) better. It was also awesome to play music for the first time too although it was quite nerve-wracking. Special thanks to Zhichao, Carmen and the music team for helping me out and being so supportive! Thanks also to all the yf team who made the camp possible.

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