Voice of the Martyrs

Mikey did a book review on Saturday night and mentioned the newsletter by Voice of the Martyrs he subscribes to.

You can check out Voice of the Martyrs at http://www.persecution.com.au

Subscribe to them and you can get newsletters in your letterbox or subscribe to their prayer mailing list to get notified of prayer alerts in your email with regard to the persecution of Christians overseas.

Here’s a taste of the latest news article on their website:

“Jesus told me to go. He never said I would come back. Isn’t this the life of a Christian?” At nearly 70 years of age, Celso is full of life and actively evangelises in dangerous areas of Colombia. His smile is contagious and his testimony is amazing.

You can read about testimonies like Celso’s and so many more in their newsletters. What’s even better is having the privilege to partake in God’s work through intercessory prayer for these Christians who are being persecuted for their faith – something we’ll never really face here in Australia.

You can add them to your prayer list and get valuable information about countries that have christians being persecuted for their faith. Check it out now!

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