From Abe…

Those of you who came to Summer YF would remember Abe, friendly Gold Coast Christian Surfers dude who came to speak to us about evangelism 🙂  I just had an update from him from Teahupoo, Tahiti and thought I’d share it with you guys…

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the view
This is Abe’s workplace…

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Dear Friends,


As you may know the ASP World Tour is currently in Tahiti for the Billabong Pro at the infamous wave Teahupoo. I arrived to the location 2 days ago and have had many opportunities to serve and hangout with the surfers. It has already been an amazing journey which the Lord has richly blessed. I am staying with a local family and sharing accommodation with the Billabong staff.  Yesterday I spent most of the day helping the work crew set up the event area for the opening ceremonies; this was an awesome opportunity to provide some active service for the contest staff. Last night I met with Kevin from Christian Surfers Tahiti and joined them as they did an outreach near Teahupoo. After the outreach I met up with some of the surfers and shared a meal at their house. It was great to hangout in a relaxed setting where I could continue to build relationships with the surfers.


Today was day 1 round 1 of the contest. I was lucky enough to bump into some of the surfers as they headed out to the contest area. I spent the day on their boat watching the contest and caddying for some of the competitors. After the comp I headed out for a few waves with the surfers which was a great time to share and reflect on the day.  


Although it is early in the event I feel the Chaplaincy is beginning to become more established on the tour and I believe the Lord is using me to rebuild and reconnect the surfers to Him. Pray for protection and favour over the next two weeks I’m here and thank the Lord for his provision as he has blessed me to be able to be here.


Thankyou for your support, prayers and fellowship, I look forward to what lie ahead.


God Bless

Abe (Men’s Surfing World Tour Chaplain)

– – – – –
Don’t stop praying for this guy. I may be biased, but I believe that he is having massive impact reaching out to the world’s pro surfers who are idolised by millions of kids everywhere. Pray for opportunities, and for him and the Christian pros within the tour that they will be awesome examples of God’s love.
Also – chaplaincy is a voluntary service and relies on the generosity of donors for it to continue. If you would like to support financially please fill out this slip and forward to the given address.

You can read more about Abe in Pebbles

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