Compassion Day 2009


Thursday May 14th

This year commemorates the 10th anniversary of Compassion Australia’s “COMPASSION DAY”.

Compassion Day, a day for Australian Christian radio stations to unite and appeal for public support to achieve their goal of sponsoring 1500 children throughout the day. Your local Christian radio station is 96.5 FM, and will be airing stories from workers, sponsored children and their families of the struggles and triumphs. But most of all, encouraging you that your small contribution will make a difference!!!!

1500 children have been selected from Ethiopia and Bangledesh. These countries are two of the hardest hit in the global food crisis, resulting in many living a life of poverty and struggle. The global food crisis is described in the Washington Post as a “global shortage;… the world’s food supply and demand (have) fall(en) out of balance… as the world’s poorest nations, dependent on the global marketplace to feed their people, are losing the fight against hunger”.

Compassion Australia is an organisation specialising in helping children of poverty stricken countries in Jesus’ name. They not only aid in helping the communities with financial need, but also help individuals turn to Jesus’ in their most turbulent times.

Remember: God has blessed us with our uni, food in our stomach and comfortable life.. PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!.. but remember we are stewards of God’s blessing. At the end of the day, it’s God’s money, He enabled us to receive it (as He is omni-everything!.. ~potent and ~scient), and as a steward (one who manages another’s property or financial affairs), we must choose wisely how we spend His money.

  • So help Compassion Australia, help these people in dire need!!! Consider sponsoring a child this week!!! and visit —-> follow the links to sponsor a child! (p.S. only 44BUCKS/month.. that feeds, clothes, educates the child and helps their family out!! COULD YOU DO THAT FOR 44BUCKS?)
  • AND tune into 96.5 FM from 6am to 10pm, Thursday May 14th to hear words of encouragement and the amazing things God has done 🙂


2 Responses to “Compassion Day 2009”

  1. I fully support you joannagoanna on this!!

    We are so well off and there are kids out there who have nothing and basically $12 a week could pay for their food and education and to know the name of Jesus. Such a small price we pay makes such a GIGANTIC difference in their life.

    I’ve had the blessing to be able to support Mugasha – a boy in Uganda for three years now and I often receive photos and letters from him and have been able to see him grow up. He’s 10 or 11 now I think and from the photos, he’s probably already taller than me.

    Compassion are truly doing great things in taking poor kids out of poverty and giving them not only their physical daily needs but also their eternal spiritual needs as well..

    Whether you’re a full time worker or student on a $10/hr wage – Don’t let it stop you from being able to give to God’s kingdom and make a major difference in someone’s life.

  2. billymlam Says:

    YUP I agree, get in a crew wif some other YFers and just split the cost…

    I’ve been sponsoring an Indonesian kid wif Grace since Easterfest… it’s just exciting to think that I can help give a kid the chance at having a proper life. We’re sharing the Sponsorship Plus package, which isn’t much extra when it’s split between two… It’s amazing to think that 9 less bubble teas for me a month = helping a child get out of the cycle of poverty and give them the chance to hear about the love of Christ.

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