How Would You Rate Your Prayer Life?

Prayer is one of the big application points that’s coming up in our final bible study of Colossians.  Like many of you, my Facebook homepage has been flooded with info on what kind of power ranger/fruit/Disney character/Twilight character/periodic element/animal/food people are based on some quiz they took.  With all of the Facebook quizzes floating around out there, I thought I’d toss up this “prayer quiz” for us all to consider and have a think about.  I stumbled upon it in a bunch of other resources here ( ).

Rate your own prayer life by answering each of the following questions with one of the following (and total up your score):  Always = 4, Often = 3, Sometimes = 2, Seldom = 1, Never = 0

1. Do you set aside time for prayer in private every day?
2. Are you able to keep your thoughts from wandering to other matters when you pray?
3. Do you make yourself get up promptly in the morning in order not to neglect prayer?
4. In public prayer are you able to forget the people present and make real contact with God?
5. Do you always approach the Father through Jesus’ name? (Ephesians 3:12)
6. Do you diligently watch for and record answers to your prayers?
7. After receiving an answer to prayer, do you fulfill any promises you made to God?
8. When you pray in public do you resist the temptation to orate?
9. Do you share with others when you receive definite answer to prayer?
10. Do you have a prayer list?
11. Do you wake up in the morning with a definite prayer in your heart and on your lips?
12. When others are praying, are you courteous and reverent, praying silently with them?
13. Are you willing to be the instrument by which God answers your prayers?
14. Do you keep your promises to missionaries and others who ask your prayer help?
15. In sickness or trouble of any nature is prayer your first thought?
16. In saying grace at the table do you avoid mechanical statements and really thank Him?
17. Do you remember to pray regularly, as God commanded, for our government?
18. When you instruct others in praying do you teach them to talk to God?
19. Are you free to incorporate Scriptural expression in your prayer?
20. Do you refuse to use your public prayer to instruct or attack others?
21. Are you so in earnest about your requests that you come to God again and again with them?
22. Is your most fervent prayer all the time prayer for the salvation of the lost and the welfare of fellow Christians?
23. Do you really fight the interruptions that would keep you from praying?
24. Do you utilize prayer as a means of resisting temptation?
25. When you pray, do you honestly seek the glory of God?

Total Points = ?

The quiz states that if you score 100, you have a rather outstanding prayer life…if not more than 50, put yourself at the top of your prayer list.

How can you improve your prayer life?

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” – Col 4:2


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