YF Prayer Trading Cards Coming Soon

Trade yours today!!
Week by week the YF-Prayer team will be releasing limited edition trading cards which includes details, statistics as well as prayer points. You can battle, trade, sell your card to other fellow YF-ers.

Order yours today!

Below is a sample: Matthew Wong Rookie Card. Who knows, you might receive a signed copy? Only time will tell.

Matthew Wong Rookie Card

5 Responses to “YF Prayer Trading Cards Coming Soon”

  1. shotgun this one… yeahya!

  2. pingmao85 Says:

    sorry billy. u cant choose

  3. instant collectable this one. the value of the card should be judged on rarity eg 10 ping mao sleepings = 1 Ivan Fung wearing see through mesh singlet.

  4. who’s idea was this?!? Prayer card = great. Photo choice = FAIL

  5. HAHAHA Ivan and CHAIN MAIL!

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