Stimulus Package

Amidst our current economic crisis and recession now a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’, it’s been little surprise that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s $900 proposed stimulus package has been the talk of the town for many weeks now.

My rough understanding of the proposal is basically that anybody who paid any tax last financial year along with those who get family benefits from Centrelink will be $900 ‘richer’ in the coming weeks. Put in even simpler terms – most Australians will be getting $900 to spend on anything they want without actually having to earn it.

Many people, including myself have been thinking about what to do with this sum of money that we would otherwise not have. Some, like a shop assistant I was talking to the other day have already spent the money on laptops and other gadgets in anticipation of its arrival to their bank accounts. Others are planning overseas/interstate holidays with the stimulus package as the budget for the trip.

That’s all good and well, but as Christians how should we be ‘spending’ our stimulus package? As Christians we should know and understand that any money that we own is ultimately God’s money as He was the one who enabled and provided jobs for us to work. We’ve been called to be good stewards of all that He’s blessed us with – Grace, Love, Truth, Money.

There are so many needs and places to be generous both in and outside the church, just looking at our building alone reveals a growing deficit in our offering figures, and our growing congregation warrants a need for an associate pastor to help share the ministerial load with our current pastor.

With all this in mind, how generous are we being with His money? How will you be using your ‘K-Rudd stimulus package’?

3 Responses to “Stimulus Package”

  1. If this looks familiar, it’s because the same can be found on my blog and also on this week’s church bulletin !

  2. Hey Jamesy,

    Thanks for the blog post. It’s a very good thought. I would probably add that as Christian’s who are supposed to submit to our government leadership as both Paul and Jesus taught, we should be actively encouraging our churches to be spending that $900 in order to achieve what our leaders need to achieve. It is to stimulate the economy, not to sit in our bank accounts and accrue interest. That would be defeating the purpose. I might even go as far as saying it is our Christian duty to spend this money! This might be the first time ever where Christians are given free rein to be completely carefree with their money. Do you mind if I use your thoughts in our church bulletin? I’m from Mansfield Christian Reformed Church.

  3. Hey Trompy,

    I’m glad my thoughts were able to stimulate some thought. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us also. I’m happy for you to use this in your church bulletin ~ Glad we can serve each other in this way.

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