Bunnies and Eggs ?

We’ve come to the time of Easter again, and I felt it only right to spend some time reflecting upon what Easter really means, because clearly it isn’t about bunnies and eggs.

Reading the bible, we find that around this time some 2000 years ago, a certain Jewish carpenter had triumphantly entered the ‘Holy City’ Jerusalem, sold by his friend for a handful of silver pieces and was nailed to a roman cross. Some may be wondering just who was this man? If you haven’t worked it out by now the chorus line from ‘No Other Name’ by Emu sings it loud and clearly:

For no other name in heaven and earth
Is higher than this name
Each knee shall bow, all nations fall down
Before no other name
Than Jesus!

Easter is all about Jesus, it’s a day that all Christians should spend time remembering what Jesus has done for us on the cross. Without Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, we wouldn’t be gathered together on a Sunday morning to sing songs and to listen to sermons preached from the bible.

Somewhere along the lines the world has gotten it all wrong. Recently I was having a conversation with a friend while driving when we saw a huge billboard advertising ‘Easter things’, covered with bunnies and eggs. My friend then pointed out how sad it was that Easter had just become a meaningless commercial event in the calendar.

To the world around us, Easter simply means chocolate bunnies, eggs and some public holidays.
What does Easter mean to you ?

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