some stats

Been researching and thought I’d share these with everyone…

  • It’s estimated that there are 1,888,439,000 church-attending affiliated Christians in the world as of 2000, of which 647,821,000 are active Great Commission Christians
  • Proportion of self-professed Christians in the Australian population remain virtually unchanged between 2001 and 2006 (63.9%), however has fallen from a high of 96.1% in 1901…
  • In Sydney only 7% of Anglicans are in regular, weekly church attendance as of 2001
  • 38% of young 16-29 year old, non-Christian Americans have a bad impression of present-day Christianity… 9/10 finds it too judgmental and hypocritical
  • 78% of self-identified Christians agree they would like to see their fellow Christians take a more active role in caring for God’s creation in a way that is both informed and biblical
  • 63% of Asians in America are unchurched (don’t participate in any religious activity) – double the national average

Don’t ever stop praying!

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