Satan’s existence

Stream the debate between Mark Driscoll and Deepak Chopra about the existence of Satan.

Nightline writes a report after saying “what the hell is Deepak Chopra talking about?”

5 Responses to “Satan’s existence”

  1. billymlam Says:

    trying to watch the video…
    i will never buy benadryl! seriously!

  2. dojmikey Says:

    On the New York Post website:

    Does Satan exist?

    That is what “Nightline” wants to know.

    What the hell is Dr. Deepak Chopra talking about?

    That is what we want to know.

    For the third installment of the “Nightline Face-Off” series that launched two years ago, the topic is the devil. Or, as “The Gospel of Inclusion” author Bishop Carlton Pearson better describes, the “hoofed, horned, hairy creature.”

    Pearson and Chopra, who is a medical doctor and the author of “Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment,” argue against Satan’s existence with pro-Satan duo Pastor Mark Driscoll of the Mars Hill Church and Annie Lobert, founder of the international Christian ministry “Hookers for Jesus.”

  3. billymlam Says:

    hahah .. it’s good.. mark driscoll’s ending is awesome. i hope you guys will take time to watch it, even though the ads are really really really annoying.
    that bishop guy.. mannnnnnn.. needs to read the bible properly…

  4. its actually really interesting seeing where these guys are coming from (even though half the team is so incredibly misguided). i have to say that bishop carlson is completely whack though. how can he even claim any semblance of Christian faith? inteesting note – did you know he’s been officially declared a heretic by the pentacostal church council in america?

    i recommend you wikipedia these people. gives you good background

  5. wayyy interesting eh, but seriously, i coudln’t get my head around this Chopra guy (couldn’t even be bothered thinking about that bishop guy – what the heck man)…and his accent was soo distracting

    his ending statement had a quote from a guy who ‘has had direct experience of God’ and starts of with: ‘you split me and you tore my heart open and you filled me with love. you poured your spirit into mine and i knew you as i know myself…you have made me seen all things shining and all things new’. isn’t this exactly what christians believe in? that out of grace and God’s love for us that we are enlightened to sin, satan, etc through the presence of the holy spirit and hence can see things as they are (ie. new)? man, his logic was so flawed…

    very very interesting overall though eh…great way to procrastinate

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