Refreshments at Church

Hey guys and girls

The Chairman (Iggy) has recently sent out an email stating the following:

Just a notice that YF is on refreshments this sunday for Church.  Please bring something…anything!
Unfortunately, YF has a notorious history for poor morning tea turnout, especially compared to the lavish buffets provided by the Chinese Aunties.  Let us work to combat this problem!

so the moral of the email is we’d appreciate if you bring some food to serve our Church.  We’ll love you for it!

Ok so now that you’ve heard it go and get ready to amaze the people at Church. Here are some suggestions from DoJ (me who actually stole these ideas from aunties at church):

2-5 minute recipes

– Popcorn (make it before you come to church in the microwave and then put it into a huge bowl and glad wrap it)  $2

– Fruit loaf (buy a fruit loaf or raisin loaf, butter all the slices and then cut them into triangles! yummo u dont even hav to toast em)  $4

– Pizza (TRIG boys buy more than you need and bring leftovers!)  $0

– Nachos (may need to be prepared at church though – just use cheap corn chips, spread the salsa on really thinly so one bottle can last for two plates, and then add some cheese – microwave at church) a bit more exier ~$6-7

– Cheezels (everyone loves these – you can play with them, put them on your fingers, and eat them) buy two ($5)

– Donuts (slice them into quarters before you come to church – get the discounted ones at the end of the day the day before) $3-4

– a GIANT bag of shrimp/prawn crackers from KOZ supermarket – $3

– Nutella sandwiches! yuuuuuumo..

These are just a FEW of my many great ideas.  You are welcome to add your thoughts below. See you this Sunday!


3 Responses to “Refreshments at Church”

  1. billy Lam Says:

    we still love people even if they dont bring food right.. haha. but yeah, everyone should make an effort, although admittedly i’m one of the worst ones who almost always forget 😐

  2. can we cook migoreng and just bring a big bowl with forks sticking out of it! yum!

  3. I love getting markdown food from Coles…there’s something about a sale that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

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