Earth hour

This Saturday night the 28th of March – WWF is trying to hit 1 billion people in over 1000 cities to turn off all lights and electricity for this one hour at 8.30pm to help make a difference with climate change.

Go to to read more!

6 Responses to “Earth hour”

  1. all of you SHOULD be at TRIG/SUPE though…..

  2. im glad the world wrestling federation cares about climate change

  3. you are so funny iggy

    roflmao ‘lol’ roflmao

  4. a more serious thought – what should our Christian view of climate change/carbon footprints etc. be?

    Do you think environmentalism has any biblical relevance? (eg our role as stewards of this earth as set out in Genesis)

  5. Lawrence Says:

    Hey Ig. It’s now WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).
    On to your serious comment, I think that we are to take care of the world (as God had put us in charge as you mention) and it is something Christians should be aware of. I’m not saying we should all turn into hippies or anything, but our society tends to be very wasteful and we as humans have a tendency to stuff things up.

  6. ahh, funny you should ask that.

    the answer is YES, for sure!! it’s what i’m studying 🙂 sorry man, you’re getting me fired up.


    – sustainable architecture will help modern church buildings become a community gathering place again (like how old churches used to be) … these days theoretically it’s more like a private place for its members (the church building, not the congregation…) – totally opposite of what modernist architecture is trying to achieve and what an understanding of the immanence of God is supposed to achieve.. and how we are supposed to serve and witness… but i won’t bore you there with weird archi talk

    (sustainable as in REALLY giving back to the world sustainable… not the sustainable you always here in the media and stuff…)

    – some guy proposed that there are 4 evangelical stances on stewardship – right now i think we’re partly in “anthropocentric stewardship” – putting humans needs first and humans dominating creation – but we should be in “caring management” – humans have a “paternal” attitude towards the rest of creation, humans being unique but also looking after it. the other two are: “servanthood stewardship”, which the author of that article tried to say is true, but it says that people and other animals are on the same level – clearly not true… and the other extreme is “wise use” – where “stewardship” is just “wisely using” and exploiting the environment – i think we got one foot in this camp too.

    – enviro problems ARE a people problem because it’s mainly the poor and unfortunate that cop bad environmental issues the most… look at the famines, smog problems etc… and i do believe we are biblically called to care for and reach out to them…

    Anyway – since i do study sustainablity, i do admit i’m trying to find the line between hardcore tree-hugging and not caring… but yeah, stewardship matters… i am also wary of the Bible being misquoted by the hardcore greenies in the “a man is on the same level as a horse” camp

    But… if anyone should be at the forefront of this stuff it should be the church… i fully believe that

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