abort73.com tees…


Some of you may have seen some guys/girls from church wearing cool Abort73.com tees and wondering where they came from… or maybe you actually wanted one!  Well, here’s your chance.  We are trying to get a group order together to save on postage. If you are interested, give susie a shout!

Here’s why you SHOULD buy one…

  • You can make a stand while you’re doing everyday stuff (believe me, people will stare…)
  • Good conversational starter
  • Your tshirt will help fund abort73.com’s work
  • With FlexPrice, you can actually choose how much you want to pay… from $8 to $20 US bucks… cool hey?
  • It’s actually really good quality… dare I say it’s much better than Threadless

So yeah… buy a tee… make a stand… who knows, it might make someone aware of the group… and ultimately, help save a baby’s life 🙂

Go here … don’t forget to check out the Clearance section for super bargains…

PS. We’re gonna buy Easterfest tickets this weekend.  So if ur keen… it’s time to commit!

9 Responses to “abort73.com tees…”

  1. what are the sizes like? like what do you, grace and mike wear presently? that will give people a good idea of what size to order

  2. billymlam Says:

    good idea – i get mens small – i think grace gets girls small/medium depends on the shirt? she likes a loose fit anyways.
    hope that helps 🙂

  3. i get medium. i think medium fits most guys. except some who like it xxxxl

    – mike

  4. but then again i’m huge. small might be better for most guys.

  5. Lawrence Says:

    I can’t believe you just said that Mikey!

  6. no one else buy a brown “love lets live” shirt.

  7. oh no! the jumper i wanted is sold out 😦

  8. dammit igz! i too just ordered a brown “love lets live” shirt… i guess im not the only cheapskate… cheapskate!

  9. you can’t go wrong for 5 bucks a shirt. i like the way you think benny

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