6gb of music downloads!

I know the majority if not all of us have some sort of copyrighted music/videos on our computers, tape cassettes. video cassettes etc. Even though some artists agree to these illegal mp3 downloads, in the end we are stealing from record labels and artists who work overtime in the studio to produce quality music. Stealing is a sin and until the laws on mp3s are overturned, we should respect these laws.  However, I came across a site which offers over 6gb of free music!


I have no idea what type of music is in there, but I hope there are a few hiphop tracks.

Recommended free album:

Dj Danger Mouse – The Grey Album

“1968 The Beatles created the white album”
” 2003 Jay Z came out with the black album”
“2004 Danger Mouse releases the grey album”

Dj Dangermouse uses his unique Dj-ing style to mix the beatles hits to jayz’s lyrical finesses and combines it to make a hip-hop classic. My favourite tracks include:

Dirt Off your shoulder
December 4th
Public Service Announcement

Have a listen!

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