Nepal: The country we are praying for

General Facts:

§Nepal used to be the world’s only Hindu Kingdom.
§They make up 90% of the population.
§It is the birthplace of  Siddharta Gautama.
§The mountainous north contains eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, including the highest, Mount Everest.

Religious Atmosphere:


§90% of the population is Hindu, 5% are Buddhist while 3% are Muslim.
§The Christian population is small but growing.
§There are approximately 400 000 Christians with at least 170 churches in Kathmandu.
§It is illegal to proselytize (convert someone to your own religion).
§There have been cases of Maoist extorting money from churches.
§People who aren’t Hindu are often ostracized.

Prayer Points:


§Praise God for growing the Christian population in Nepal.
§Pray that the government will ease its stance about Christian evangelism.
§Pray that God will look after the ostracized and persecuted Christians in Nepal.
§Pray that churches will continue to grow and be cross centred in all that they do.
Next week we are praying for BELARUS. If you have not received your YF calendar yet, 
be quick as there is only a few left!
We look forward to seeing MANGROVES present their prayer slot.



3 Responses to “Nepal: The country we are praying for”

  1. magngroves represent!

  2. billy Lam Says:

    yup, one calendar to go, going to highest bidder……… 🙂

  3. wat the heck is a magngrove

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