Scared to follow Jesus?

I was having a chat with a certain fiancé of mine the other day when she told me about a very interesting sermon she was listening to. It was a talk by Bryson Smith on Joshua 1-2 (order online here) – the thrust of the passage described how the Israelites were called to be bold and courageous as they entered the Promised Land for the second time.   One illustration really struck me though.

Golden Gate Bridge

In the early stages of the construction of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco no safety devices were used and 23 men fell to their death. In the final stage a huge net was built under the bridge as a safety precaution. 10 more men fell but were safe. Not only that, but after the net was installed, 25% more work was accomplished every day…because now the workers had the assurance of their safety and were free to serve whole-heartedly at the project and were secure enough to get serious about the work.

Too often nowadays we  live as cowardly Christians, afraid to commit anything more than one Sunday morning a week to God. But can we afford to get serious about the work of being Christian and following our Lord and Saviour? Absolutely! Because we are certainly safe and secure, because our boldness comes from the faithfulness of God, the greatness of his good shepherd we have over us and the example of his perfect son who took our sins on the cross.  We can take awesome assurance from a God who never fails – a God who always keeps his promises.

If God calls on Israel to be bold and courageous in Joshua, how much more should we be now, living on this side of the cross? Because of who God is, of what Jesus has done – we have nothing to fear as Christians.  Let’s start living like it.

(in case you get deja vu, this article is also to appear in an upcoming CCCB Coopers Plains Bulletin. Thought it’d be good to share with all the non CCCB’ers as well)

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