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some stats

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Been researching and thought I’d share these with everyone…

  • It’s estimated that there are 1,888,439,000 church-attending affiliated Christians in the world as of 2000, of which 647,821,000 are active Great Commission Christians
  • Proportion of self-professed Christians in the Australian population remain virtually unchanged between 2001 and 2006 (63.9%), however has fallen from a high of 96.1% in 1901…
  • In Sydney only 7% of Anglicans are in regular, weekly church attendance as of 2001
  • 38% of young 16-29 year old, non-Christian Americans have a bad impression of present-day Christianity… 9/10 finds it too judgmental and hypocritical
  • 78% of self-identified Christians agree they would like to see their fellow Christians take a more active role in caring for God’s creation in a way that is both informed and biblical
  • 63% of Asians in America are unchurched (don’t participate in any religious activity) – double the national average

Don’t ever stop praying!


Satan’s existence

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Stream the debate between Mark Driscoll and Deepak Chopra about the existence of Satan.

Nightline writes a report after saying “what the hell is Deepak Chopra talking about?”

Refreshments at Church

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Hey guys and girls

The Chairman (Iggy) has recently sent out an email stating the following:

Just a notice that YF is on refreshments this sunday for Church.  Please bring something…anything!
Unfortunately, YF has a notorious history for poor morning tea turnout, especially compared to the lavish buffets provided by the Chinese Aunties.  Let us work to combat this problem!

so the moral of the email is we’d appreciate if you bring some food to serve our Church.  We’ll love you for it!

Ok so now that you’ve heard it go and get ready to amaze the people at Church. Here are some suggestions from DoJ (me who actually stole these ideas from aunties at church):

2-5 minute recipes

– Popcorn (make it before you come to church in the microwave and then put it into a huge bowl and glad wrap it)  $2

– Fruit loaf (buy a fruit loaf or raisin loaf, butter all the slices and then cut them into triangles! yummo u dont even hav to toast em)  $4

– Pizza (TRIG boys buy more than you need and bring leftovers!)  $0

– Nachos (may need to be prepared at church though – just use cheap corn chips, spread the salsa on really thinly so one bottle can last for two plates, and then add some cheese – microwave at church) a bit more exier ~$6-7

– Cheezels (everyone loves these – you can play with them, put them on your fingers, and eat them) buy two ($5)

– Donuts (slice them into quarters before you come to church – get the discounted ones at the end of the day the day before) $3-4

– a GIANT bag of shrimp/prawn crackers from KOZ supermarket – $3

– Nutella sandwiches! yuuuuuumo..

These are just a FEW of my many great ideas.  You are welcome to add your thoughts below. See you this Sunday!


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Hellooooo everybody

Sorry if I killed the convo in the last post with my hardcore reply (hahah – see below).  Anyway I thought I’d share some Christian music with you… for anyone who’s interested.

I know music is a subjective thing, but I’d def encourage you to check out some good Christian music if you don’t listen to them already.  Firstly because some of the artists are ridiculously talented (ie it actually sounds awesome and more than holds its own against secular music), and secondly because I believe listening to songs that encourage you and build you up (instead of good sounding stuff with dodgy themes.. we all know how prevalent that is these days) will help you in your walk.

The first I’ll share is this song by Anthony Evans – he’s gotta be one of my favourite artists ever.  He’s got an awesome and super smooth voice – but what sets him apart is that you can really see his heart for God in his music.  You won’t always find that in the “Christian” music world (don’t know if I’m being too harsh, but that term is used WAY too loosely sometimes)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Next up – Brooke Fraser – I have no words, except to say that… she’s awesome… super talented

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Just to back up my comment that “Christian” music can be a little bit questionable sometimes…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
OK that’s all for today… I just wanted to show that Christian music CAN be different from the usual praise/worship/pop rock kinda stuff which people tend to think are the usual stereotypes. But at the same time, let me encourage you guys to be discerning about what you choose to listen to, because there’s heaps of great stuff – and a LOT more not-so-great stuff – out there.  And I really do believe that what you expose yourself to will have an effect on your walk – even if you’re listening to particular songs just because it sounds good or has a good beat.

(I do concede that I am speaking from personal experience… but it’s undeniable that the themes about women, money, and life as a whole – in stuff like r&b and rap – are often so twisted and poisonous!!)

Keep running strong everybody 🙂

Earth hour

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This Saturday night the 28th of March – WWF is trying to hit 1 billion people in over 1000 cities to turn off all lights and electricity for this one hour at 8.30pm to help make a difference with climate change.

Go to to read more!


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Last Saturday some of us girls went to a women’s conference called Women of Purpose. We listened to three and a half talks by two women speakers from Sydney- Lesley Ramsay and Christine Jensen (for those that know/have heard of Peter Jensen yes this is his wife!). The talks were GREAT and I strongly encourage the girls to seriously consider about going next year:) If you want to listen to the talks that we heard you can go to this website below for FREE! Podcasts.

I was particularly reminded of just how mighty and holy our God is! And once His holiness is truly recognised it makes His love so much greater, the gospel and Word so much more precious, and your sin and unworthiness that much clearer and obvious.

Another thing that particularly struck me was that God has designed men and women EQUAL but DIFFERENT. And this greatly contrasts with the current feminism trend that exists in our world today- often feminism seeks to fight for equality as if we don’t currently possess it. But the book of Genesis teaches us that God DID create us equally but for different purposes and as a result we should cherish the differences that God created in the different sexes because this is God’s original design.

OK this is only a glimpse of the talks that we heard last Saturday so I encourage you girls to check out the podcasts and have a listen for yourself! The talks are great- very clear and to the point:) tees…

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Some of you may have seen some guys/girls from church wearing cool tees and wondering where they came from… or maybe you actually wanted one!  Well, here’s your chance.  We are trying to get a group order together to save on postage. If you are interested, give susie a shout!

Here’s why you SHOULD buy one…

  • You can make a stand while you’re doing everyday stuff (believe me, people will stare…)
  • Good conversational starter
  • Your tshirt will help fund’s work
  • With FlexPrice, you can actually choose how much you want to pay… from $8 to $20 US bucks… cool hey?
  • It’s actually really good quality… dare I say it’s much better than Threadless

So yeah… buy a tee… make a stand… who knows, it might make someone aware of the group… and ultimately, help save a baby’s life 🙂

Go here … don’t forget to check out the Clearance section for super bargains…

PS. We’re gonna buy Easterfest tickets this weekend.  So if ur keen… it’s time to commit!