abort73 @ easterfest


here’s your chance to help take a stand against abortion!

Paul Hodge (our speaker from YF camp last year) is looking for YFers willing to STEP UP and head out to Easterfest in Toowoomba during Easter (april 10-12).  Easterfest is gonna be absolutely massive, so it’s an awesome opportunity for groups like Abort73 to make their message heard!  Our role will be to help out at the Abort73.com stall… It might not seem like a huge job, but it’ll be totally be worthwhile.  If you are keen, just leave a comment below or email billy!

note that there will be some cost involved for entry tickets… and that you can choose to join a daytrip or to stay the entire weekend.  if you are gonna stay the weekend, we’ll most probably need to find somewhere to camp out – it won’t be pretty… i’ll work my contacts and see if we can find a place to fit everyone who’s willing!

(sorry that my info is vague – trying to get a group together and then i will get in touch with Paul. but yeah, def commit within the next week so i can see how to arrange tickets and accom… price wise – vaguely i think around $150-$200 for a 3day camp. not cheap, but will be awesome i promise!)

3 Responses to “abort73 @ easterfest”

  1. Hmm about pro-life…I think it’s not practical.

    I mean, I don’t think it takes into consideration those who were raped (as pro-life is against morning-after pills), or those of low education & income, or simply those who didn’t know they were pregnant until they feel the little ‘bump’ (I’ve actually heard cases of these).

    What if Abort73.com (and pro-life campaigns) are successful in making abortion illegal? Is it going to stop women getting abortion illegally (in the black market)? I don’t really think so. Plus, I’m pretty sure that it’s even more risky for the women getting the abortion illegally, don’t people agree?

    And what if abortion IS made illegal? That would mean there has to be a penalty/punishment. I think that’s a bit cruel to do that to women who just got an abortion (I mean, she just lost her child). Hmm, aren’t these campaigns a bit cruel to other women who had abortions? It’s making them feel very guilty. Personally, I think Jesus wouldn’t approve of this…doesn’t he teach love?

  2. FYI

    – The most serious problem with abortion is that the decision to give and take life is made by a human, not God, and basically that’s murder… I don’t think that point is arguable. So abortion IS sin.

    – A pro-life stance isn’t about making women who have had abortions feel bad – any guilt and any consequences of what they did is between them and God to deal with. We’ve been called to love, not to judge, so we’re definitely here to support them and love them for who they are. But love also means that we don’t just sit still while they are doing something wrong.

    – I believe Abort73 is here to provide community awareness and education about alternatives to abortion. It’s about letting people know that there are better ways of coping with a pregnancy – including ways of getting financial help for low socioeconomic groups – so that they don’t have to resort to murder…

    – You’re right in saying that abortion in a clinic is safer than people doing it on the black market with coathangers and what not … I agree with that. BUT supporting abortion will be neglecting to care for and love the child that God has placed in the womb. So – it’s better to point them away from abortion, to some other place where there can be support shown for both the child and the mother… right…

    – Pro life isn’t against contraception, although I can’t speak for everyone – there may be some who are against it, but not all.

    – I know there are tough cases where something bad has happened to a girl (rape, abuse etc) – but abortion doesn’t take away what happened … also, people have had abortions often have to deal with guilt for the rest of their lives. It’s a tragic situation but I’d argue that aborting the child won’t solve the problem, but might add a new dimension to it instead. This is a tough point though…

    Finally, Jesus loves children – therefore it can be concluded that God hates abortion. And that’s why the church – the body of Christ – must hate abortion too.

    I hope this helps… It’s not an easy topic and there are definitely some points that are hard to handle. But in the end, God’s stance is clear. If we are support abortion, we’d be supporting sin – darkness not light.

    I’d definitely encourage you to read up on the site so you can find out more.

  3. That was well said Billy and I personally agree with all the points Billy raised in his response so I need not add to them.

    However, I do want to stress that by stating that abortion is acceptable is equivalent to saying the murder of children is acceptable.

    Doesn’t the right of being killed supersede the right of not wanting a pregnancy?

    There are also the questions of rape, poverty or disability. People don’t kill people because they are disabled. There are born children who grow up in poverty (financial strain doesn’t justify murder). Moreover, abortion isn’t justified by rape cases as it just extends the pattern of violence and assault. Taking the life of an innocent child doesn’t ‘unrape’ the woman. Rape doesn’t change the bottom line that abortion kills an innocent human being. Yes, life begins at conception.

    Read articles on http://www.Abort73.com when it comes to abortion, the law and morality. Obviously the case they put forward is much more elaborate and clear.

    But overall, God knew us from the moment He knit us in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139). It’s undoubtedly certain that the human ‘choice’ to kill a child through abortion is sin.

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