in case you missed out…

thanks for all who attended last night’s talk on slander and judging others.  i do apologise if the audio’s a bit dodgy – although it is much, much better on headphones or computer speakers.

if you missed out, i’ll definitely encourage you to have a listen to the talk here.  fill in this worksheet [james-sermon-outline1] while you’re at it!

by the way, Pastor Roger has a LOT of talks uploaded at his church’s website.  It might not be the prettiest website around, but it’s an excellent resource and his talks are all relatively short (less than 40 minutes) – perfect for your morning commute!

also… have you done your Project 25?  bless someone by writing twenty five things you like/admire about them, then put it in a letter and send it to them!  let’s encourage each other to keep walking on the narrow path 🙂

lastly, please pray for the YFers and other Christians going to BLT this week.  we need your prayer!

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