Christian Surfers

How good was that!  Isn’t it awesome how we are pretty close geographically, yet culturally worlds apart but united by our faith in the same God?  Yep, praise God for bringing Abe and Lize to YF and speaking to us so clearly!  I trust that you guys all got something from the night, whether it’s conviction about the need to live a lifestyle of evangelism, a new realisation about how God is much bigger than what we sometimes think, or a new desire to really get involved in missions and evangelism, building relationships and being an example of Jesus to people who would otherwise never know who He is and what He is all about.  For me, what also struck me about Abe is how willing he is to relate to people… just his honesty and approchability and how “real” he is.  

So as I write, I have been thinking of ways by which we can emulate what CS has done (change it into our ABC context though) and really get into the community.  What are ABCs passionate about?  Bounce, Reiji and KK? Eating food? Basketball? Computer games?  In what ways can we get into our community and care for them, while showing them how God has changed us?  We’d love to hear your ideas.  “Missions” will be a new focus on the YF Team this year.  It’s not only about making overseas trips – which are awesome – but we also have a whole mission field right in front of our eyes, right here in Brissie. 

So post away.  We would love to hear your thoughts.

By the way, if you would like to continue to support Christian Surfers…

  • The awesomest thing would be to continue praying for them and the work that they do with surfies, in Gold Coast and also all around the world
  • If you would like to give financially, send me (billy) the money and I’ll pass it onto Abe and Lize!

One Response to “Christian Surfers”

  1. i’ll get you started.

    how bout handing out water bottles with tracts on them at bounce 🙂
    not bible bashing them… just letting them know that God loves them and letting them see something different in us…

    or – organised LAN sessions for the boys 😀

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