2009: a new start

Someone I chatted to during sat nite yf said that sometimes they feel as if we can be “cycling Christians” haha. not as in bike riding, but what they meant was sometimes as Christians it seems like we’re passionate about serving God and being fruitful for a short period of time, then after awhile we stop. Then after another period of time we become passionate again, and then it continues.   Another way of looking at it is that sometimes we get tooo comfortable, and complacent, and we reach a bit of a plateau and our growth as Christians stops for awhile. For me sometimes its tempting to go back to my old ways of thinking and living. After having a couple convos this wkend, i’ve realised that for so many of us, including many of our bros n sis’ at church and yf, its SOO easy to just ‘go with the flow’.

Its so true when the bible says that the path of the world is heaps wide, but the righteous path is long and narrow. I really thank God that he put you guys in my life. It is SO HARD to walk in this world as Christian, and even harder when you’re doing it alone!   For awhile i’ve thought the only priority was sharing the gospel with non-believers and getting them into church and yf. Yes, these are absolutely critical, but it doesn’t make a difference if there’s no change in there lives, if they’re just sunday Christians, or if they’re all goody goody infront of YFers, but inside the way they think and the things they strive for aren’t Godly at all.

I’ve had a real wake up call. It doesn’t matter what we ‘appear’ to do. It’s so true when its said that faith without action is a dead faith. How can we lead others to Christ when our lives aren’t Christlike at all? How can we ask ppl to come to Church or join YF when our brothers and sisters, and ourselves live lives no different to them??

I really want to build more friendships and relationships with other yfers this year. We need to remember that as Christians we’re ministering to ppl. Young ppl like us. Noones gonna care about what we stand for if we’re not their friend, if we don’t really care about them, if we just judge them, shut em out and outright disagree with how they’re living. In the end none of us deserve salvation, we don’t deserve God’s love. An old Anglican prayer reads that “we’re not worthy so much as to gather up the crumbs under His table, but His nature is the same, to always have mercy”. If it wasn’t for Jesus there wouldn’t be a difference between us and the rest of the world. I’m just hoping that together we can try to find a middleground with our bro n sis at yf this year. We need to earn ppls respect if we want to be able to make a serious impact on there lives.

But in the end, its not about us.

Instead of a new years resolution, I wanna have a new years prayer. Its my prayer that this year the holy spirit is gonna fill us, mould us, guide and use us, and give us wisdom for His Glory. It’s my prayer that the Lord will help each one of us change, grow, and realise our true potentials. That He’ll help us to become the very best we can be in all areas of our lives, whether it be in our work, uni, playing games, sports, cooking, how popular we are, being a member in our families and being a friend. Not because we can, but only because with God, nothing can stand against us. I pray that He’ll work through us, empty vessels. I pray that we’ll be THE BEST! for HIS GLORY ALONE:)

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