Matthew 7 Sermon

So, what did you guys think?  It certainly impacted me a LOT and forced me to reexamine myself.  i think we really needed a wakeup call to see that salvation is not as guaranteed as what even some churches say.  reciting a prayer and accepting Jesus as Lord is meaningless if there is no corresponding action of repentance.  faith without works is dead!

2009 is a time for us to step out of our comfort zones.  will you join us?

2 Responses to “Matthew 7 Sermon”

  1. Without putting a dampener on what sounded like a challenging sermon I’d like to buffer the comment that ‘salvation is not as guaranteed as what even some churches say’ by saying that it is…and it isn’t.

    To say that salvation is not guaranteed leaves us in the awful position of having to work for our salvation – which I’m sure the speaker did not intend to convey. If salvation is not guaranteed then the onus falls back on us to ensure we make it to the end. A point that I’m not sure scripture affirms.

    Instead we see the opposite – that Salvation is secure not because of our deeds, but because of God’s character. Salvation rests on His sovereignty, upon His grace and mercy and upon His plans. Anything less and we take away the glory that God alone deserves and place it upon humans as they strive towards heaven.

    But also – salvation requires of us our lives and whole hearted devotion. Obedience is a necessary response, but not a pre-requisite to salvation.

    This is what it means in the 5 points of Calvinism – TULIP. Specifically points ‘U’ and ‘P’ – Unconditional Election and Perseverance of the Saints. True Christians are both elected to salvation from before time, and true Christians also persevere to the very end in faithful obedience. Both points are supported by Scripture – you can not have one without the other (most people fall into the trap of making the choice ‘either/or’ – when it actually is ‘and’).

    Soli Deo Gloria

  2. sorry, my comment was probably ambigious. just referring to some altar calls that we’ve heard before.. like “follow me and pray this prayer now.. and be saved” .. the speaker at the time never makes it clear that reciting the prayer is good, but it that MUST be followed by repentance.

    like Paul Washer said, its not about earning salvation by works, but about evidence of faith.

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